Farm Girl Style: Vol II

I use to love this Hallmark line called Fresh Ink.  They were hilarious. Sadly, I must have been one of the only people to think so because they no longer make them. One of my favorite cards read:

“Wear cute boots. Cute boots make you feel like you can do anything

-that or kick it really hard…”

And I kind of have to agree. Boots instantly make me feel cool. As cool as a 32 year old stay at home mom turned chicken farmer can be…Sometimes I just can’t wait for summer to be over because I am SO excited to wear boots again. But I don’t want to wear my good cute boots when I do my farming and sometimes I need something more heavy duty then rubber. But they still need to be cute. I need the cuteness factor in my farming. It’s an important ingredient. Just like one must cook with love, one must farm in the cute.

It’s a rule. Write that down in your homesteading journal.

Plus I just keep picturing myself in a cute pair of skinny jeans, a flannel shirt, and some Timberlands only laced halfway up. Is that cute or weird? You know what? I don’t really care I think it’s gonna happen. Not the Timberlands. Don’t get me wrong I like them. I just don’t spend that kind of money on shoes and by I, I mean Ryan doesn’t let me, I.

You should start a go fund me page for boots for farmer Ashley. Then I would get the Timberlands. I don’t know why you are pressuring me so much to get the Timberlands. I’ll think about it ok?





How adorable are these boots from Rural King? (Still need a go fund me page for these babies, goodness looking good in work boots is expensive business.) Makes me wanna put on a sundress and go to a county fair. You know you want to too. Mostly because we are all ready for it to be SUMMER?! Can I get a Mama amen?

We need summer. We need summer bad. Every day it’s nice enough I shove Charlie outside, tell her to breath as deeply as she can and we stay out as long as possible. Then she sleeps like the dead instead of rolling out of bed at 6:30 am. Wednesday we made it a record 3 1/2 hours outside. Woohoo! I love it.

It was seriously the sweetest thing. I was cleaning out the brooders, sweeping the garage, and cleaning out my disgusting car while Charlie was playing mama hen to all the baby chicks.  This little one went about picking up and rocking each little chick. She would quietly sing to them until each one was just a little piece of chicken putty in her hands.

Literally they would just lay belly up, eyes closed in complete and utter chicken contentment. This is why we are The Happy Chicken Farm. We sing and cuddle each chick- ok and we give them mealworms for treats. Chickens can’t resist a mealworm. It also gives them a nice little protein boost and I like to think the eggs have more protein. But I’m no scientist I would have to google that.


What are you favorite things to cuddle? Do you snuggle your poultry too? Or perhaps you have cute boots. I like links to cute boots…


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