Farm Girl Style Vol. III

When I was really little my dad had a big old yellow truck with a wooden bed that we called “The Yellow Monster”. I remember thinking it was huge and I loved to watch my dad shift gears and how the whole cab smelled like gasoline. The steering wheel was large enough I could sit on it and hold the sides and swing back and forth. I spent a lot of time swinging on that steering wheel outside the hardware store in Ogden. If I could drive any car I could choose it would be something like that truck. Or like this…


or this…


or this…


or maybe this is more my color. If you have been inside my house you might agree.


The point is I want it old and a little junky. I have images of the bed full of pumpkins and fall mums to sell. You would buy those pumpkins and mums too because they would look so cute in my little ol’ truck you’d think you just needed to have some on your front porch too. See we will both mutually benefit from me having a cute old truck.

Maybe I should start a go fund me page for The Happy Chicken Farm Yellow Monster…



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