A Chicken Pickin’ Party…


We had us a chicken pickin’ party down here on the farm for co-op #1. What is a chicken co-op you might be wondering? Don’t worry I am going to have a post on that coming up so come back later this week to learn more about farm cooperatives.


But back to the chicken picking’ party. I just like saying it. lol Chicken pickin’, chicken pickin’…ok I’m done. It was a really fun party that ended with a lot of dads and kids chasing chickens around for a family pictures. Yeah. It was as good as it sounds.

Chickens were posing for their Instagram shots and hoping for a treat from the chicken treat buffet. I set up a spread for all our co-op members to choose from to butter their chicken up with treats for many good eggs to come. Tomatoes, blueberries, sunflower seeds, raisins, all kinds of yummy chicken things.


The chickens were in heaven and co-op members set up lawn chairs and blankets in a semi-circle to sit and enjoyed the scavengers come and beg for maybe one more treat. The chickens really did put on a show. I think they would have stayed out as long as everyone stayed. Usually the go up to roost around 7 pm but not that night. That night they were young and free chickens without a care of tomorrow. They were raging.


How does one pick a chicken? First you have to decide picking order. We had a food drive and the co-op family that brought the most collected items got first pick. Giving back especially to our community is a top priority here at The Happy Chicken Farm. Then once the picking order is established  the fun begins.


It mostly starts timidly with a little pointy- “that one?” “or maybe this one?”. But it quickly progresses to attempting to corner and hold the prized “one”. This makes for good entertainment as an entire co-op runs around your farm chasing chickens only to stop and call “take a picture we got one!”


It was such a good time. It is amazing how kids take to a farm. Within seconds they are off with a smile on their face and they don’t stop. By the time everyone left I bet all the kids smelled of summer sweat, had dirty hands and feet, and fell right asleep that night. It was a sweet sight to see them holding the baby chicks, trying to make friends with the older ones, and asking all kinds of chicken questions.


This is why I do what I do. When kids know where their food comes from they appreciate it more. When adults see how we do things around here their eyes are open to the fact that there is a way to fight factory farming and they are apart of it.  Thank you co-op #1 for a great night. Can’t wait to get the name roster up because they picked some pretty fantastic names!



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