Rural King Run…


Every week I make my usual trip to Rural King. It’s probably one of my most favorite times of the week. Only five minutes away down country roads we drink warm glass sodas on the way home each of us excited about something we found from the Rural King run. We go for the chicken food but we leave with waaaaaay more.

Today I’m sharing things I would have bought if I had money to burn and no adulting to do. I think you would be surprised at what they have to offer. Maybe you will understand why I call it “Farm Target”.

This little dandy sir made it into my cart. He was just so cute with his wooden handle, pink bristles, and snazzy tie. Wood is in right now.


Plus, he is made in Germany so of course I love him.

I always smell this soap when I pass by but I haven’t bought it yet. I would love to eventually have it in my outside bathroom. It’s where all that farm hand washing happens and it could use all the extra good smelly goodness it can get.


I haven’t had poison ivy for years but I was happy to see Burt’s Bees Poison Ivy Soap. I didn’t read the back but I think it’s to use after working somewhere that might have poison ivy. If you take a nice lukewarm shower after you have been expose to poison ivy, especially with a special soap like this, you will lessen your chances of getting the rash. I speak from experience I use to be extremely allergic. Don’t use hot water when you shower because it opens your pores making it easier for the pollen dust to get in.


It is .18% unnatural though…hehe.

This next one is the wake up the inner JoJo in you. Look at this galvanized watering can. How classy is that? You can do all kinds of things with it. Use it as a planter. Just have a cute watering can. Build your own water feature with it. The possibilities are endless. Ok, not endless but there are a couple really cute things you can do with it!


I don’t know about you but I have seen these small wooden paddle cutting boards all over Pinterest kitchens lately. So when I saw this one at Rural King I thought yes, you need to come home with me. So into my cart it went.


I really, really, really, REEEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLLLY want this pool. I can see it now. Charlie sliding down the slide. Me relaxing with my drink. The chickens just hanging out enjoying the summer vibe. Yes,  I do see this pool in my future.


It even has cup holders.

Now I can’t forget some summer BBQ add ons! I am putting these away in the ol’ memory bank for our next shindig. Toppings can make all the difference!




All yummy additions for burger, dogs, and summer sammies. I am especially looking forward to trying the pepper jam. That sounds so yummy.

The last addition that any cart at Rural King needs before check out though is the glass bottle soda section.



I love to use these when entertaining. I’ll pick up a fun selection for guests to try. My favorite so far has been salted caramel root beer. #YUM These would also be so cute at a bridal or baby shower. There are all kinds of colors to choose from.

They would be really cute in a large galvanized bin with ice. Thats one of my entertainment goals. I have had both but I haven’t been able to put them together yet. Someday. Someday.

So thats what I got for ya today. Come back tomorrow to learn what a farm cooperative is!