American Pickers…

Ok it’s more like Thomasboro Pickers. Being a chicken farmer just got interesting. Seems that word of my chicken operation is spreading and my happy chickens are in demand. So much so that I had a little business offer thrown my way. Free eggs for a year in trade for 4-6 picks from the barn…


Yes please! Take all my eggs and I’ll take all your old galvanized thingiemabobs and all the old barn thingumajigs. I love a good old fashion trade. So we went off to see what I had to choose from and see if it was game on.

You tell me…I’m just kidding I’m gonna go Joanna Gaines all over that barn…


I’ll take an old sleigh…


Just kidding that’s not up for grabs. Neither is this awesome thing that use to have a job that I don’t know what it was but it’s cool and industrial and I want it.



And this pot. I want it. Unless it is a chamber pot. Then I do not want this pot.


And I can always find something to do with old fencing. These bikes below are not for taking but how cute would they be in a flower bed with a little basket of flowers growing out the front? I love old junk and making it new again. It is seriously addicting. Especially since I live on a farm. I am always looking around at what I have and thinking of what else I can use it for and I am finding ANYTHING can be a planter. lol. Anything you can add a drain to that is.


The barn owner also has plans for this old mill, which still has all it’s pieces and could be fully operational if put together. Stuff that is made to last I tell ya. I love it. The rustier, the ┬ájunkier, the more the average person would look at it and say no the more I want it.


Can’t wait to shake hands and make this business deal official. And hey, he also has coop. Which I may or may not be renting in the near future for more operations at The Happy Chicken Farm. So stay tuned it could get interesting. Gobble Gobble.

That was a hint.